Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's Day 2006

I love April Fool's Day and yesterday was no different. Here are the pranks we pulled off.

- Before going to bed, we turned the kids around in their beds so that their heads were at the foot of the bed. When they woke up, they each got up on the regular side of the bed -- and ended up facing the wall instead of the door. They thought it was hilarious.
- The kids stuffed tissues into the toes of their dad's slippers.
- I pre-sliced my husband's banana. This is pretty simple to do. Take a banana, preferrably with lots of spots on it. Take a needle and thread and insert the needle where you want the slice to be, on one of the spots. Push the needle through along the side about a half inch and out again (try to stay close to the inside of the peel. Then got back into the banana in the same spot where it came out. Keep going around until you have the banana "surrounded" on the inside of the peel. Make sure the needle comes back out the original spot where you started. Then hang on to both ends of the thread and pull. Voila! You have a sliced banana without peeling it.

I did pre-warn my husband that there was a prank in his packed lunch, but I think it made it worse -- he kept looking for booby-trapped food! Next year, I'm going to limit the pranks to just harmless kid-oriented ones. Otherwise, I'm going to be asking for it!


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